Provide permanent, loving homes for retired research animals through a nationwide rehoming network;  

Educate the public about the benefits of working with research animals relating to human and animal health and well-being;  

Present an accurate representation of the care and consideration  researchers provide for the animals;  

Work collaboratively with biomedical researchers to promote awareness and develop a cohesive network.


Animal-based research is critical for saving and improving human and animal lives. Many different types of animals, including dogs, are necessary in understanding, preventing, treating, and curing disease.

These heroes help us understand and treat a variety of cancers, as well as cardiovascular, metabolic, joint, skeletal, muscular, neurological, and even cognitive disorders. Researchers continue to explore and develop non-animal alternatives to meet our demands for cures, and we support this quest wholeheartedly! In the meantime, animals are still required for biomedical progress and we are grateful for the improved health and well-being that we and our pets continue to enjoy as a result of their contributions.

These dogs are heroes to countless people and animals. They have literally saved lives. This network will allow us to find the right homes for our heroes when their work is completed, safely and reliably. 


Will you help us find loving homes for these special animals?